Thursday, January 15, 2009

In Which Lucy and Ethel Read a Book

In the spirit of full disclosure, I have to tell you that I really know nothing about Hannah Coulter, and Donna admitted she confused her with Ann. (I just linked to a controversial personality. I wonder what will happen next.)

And apparently I have zero experience in leading a book club given that I've never led a book club. I wonder if Donna has ever led a book club. I've never asked her.

If it hasn't become clear, it will become clear shortly: I have no blogging experience except in reading them. At least we know Donna has blogging experience.

Are you still with me?

Did you notice there are more than the anticipated three people here?

That makes me want to do two things simultaneously: 1) crawl into a hidey-hole and 2) thank you for being here.

I'll go with #2: THANK YOU FOR BEING HERE!!!!


I wasn't going to tell my husband about this little blog because there was a part of me that was a teeny bit embarrassed. Embarrassed that, on a whim, I would start a blog about a book I'd never read nor knew a thing about just because Donna suggested it.

But I did tell him last night just before dinner. I made an off-hand comment about the blog.

"What blog?"

"The HannahCoulterBookClubforCopyCats." I said it very quickly; hoping it'd be less embarrassing.

He surprised me then. He grinned. He wanted to read it. He laughed out loud at all the right places.

And then he started asking the questions.

Questions about schedules and formats and content and moderators and how we came to choose a book by Dave Barry anyway.

"Wendell Berry," I said. Then it occurred to me that a book by Dave Barry might be a whole lot easier and I started getting a sick feeling in my gut.

After the twelfth question I heard myself say for the twelfth time, "I don't know." And then it hit me: Lucy and Ethel were at the wheel.

Lucy and Ethel read a book and start a book club, indeed.

Dear Friends, I think we're in for some hare-brained and unplanned fun and her name is Hannah Coulter.

(Thank you for being here. I hope those of you who are spending your hard-earned cash on the book will not regret it.)


P.S. I remember being told as a child that I was nearly named Lucy but my Grandma stepped in and forbad it. Imagine a woman named Bertha forbidding a woman named Linda to name her child Lucy! I was grateful to my grandma every year at Christmastime when I saw Lucy on television being so mean to Charlie Brown. But I did secretly wish for a second syllable and real vowel.


  1. lynn,
    you guys will do great! i am getting my copy from the library tonight so don't worry if i will hate it. i was going to do the oprah book and actually bought it... but it is 500+ pages and i don't have that kind of attention span during tax season...

  2. I'm new to all this. I first started reading Pioneer Woman, then Quite Life...where I found this. What a fun idea! When will be be discussing? I didn't get the book yet, tomorrow! I also just made my google account, so I am totally new, not just kinda new! Show me the ropes ladies!

  3. Oh Lynn,
    You are a delight and an excellent writer.

    I love your second post!

  4. Anna--I don't follow Oprah's club so I don't know what you gave up in favour of being here. But I'm glad you did. Welcome!

    Allison--We'll probably start discussing something over the next few stumbled upon a premature blog without knowing it. There are really no ropes to know except don't forget to read the comments. That's where all the good stuff is (and will be!)

    Donna--but what do you think about my mad linking skillz? ;)

  5. OH MY GOODNESS! As I was reading this entry, I started laughing so loud in my quiet house that two sons came running into the kitchen to see what I was laughing about. I shooed them off knowing they would totally not understand!

    I can see how Donna got Ann (whom you linked) and Hannah confused! NOT! LOLOLOLOL!

    Oh dear :::wiping the tears off my face::: you should have started a blog ages ago, Lynn!

    Tammy ~@~

  6. Ohh, and I have not yet found a reference to Hannah wearing flip flops. The only shoe reference I've seen so far is about Hannah's grandmam..."In any weather she was apt to be wearing a leftover pair of my grandfather's shoes that were too big." Sorry, maybe she wears flip flops later in the book...

    Tammy ~@~

  7. I am enjoying your thoughts as well! I've got the book requested from my library...hope it comes fast!

  8. I'm here! I'm here! I'll grab the book and join you.

    And btw, I've found it best not to try to share internet banter and laughs with my husband... it only gets me strange looks. ;)

  9. Lynn - I just hurt myself laughing. And it's midnight at the condo [not at the oasis. Waiting for Guffman reference.] [Carol, that punctuation was for you]. [But that one wasn't.]

    Ok. Anyway.

    Let's do a Dave Barry book next. I hear he's almost as funny as Lynn.

    Good thing I read fast - I'm gonna have some catchin' up to do.

    However, as one of the originally-anticipated-three, I give you all permission to start reading.

    Lynn, did you see that Anna above GAVE UP THE OPRAH BOOK CLUB for this?

    No pressure, though.

    'Night all!


    Kind of like Stratford-Upon-Avon

  10. Of course he laughed in all the right places.

    I haven't told Bob yet. The eye roll will be enormous, I'm sure!

    FYI - my toolbar says Lucy/Ethyl for this blog. There is no other name for it!

    PS - I was almost "Larry". We would have been Larry and Lucy, oh my!

  11. They thought you were a boy?!?! I never knew Larry was in the mix.

    Chad surprised me again yesterday when he came home from work saying he had read the blog during his lunch break. When I pointed out to him that it was exactly what he had read the night before, nothing had changed, he said I was wrong. He was reading the comments and laughing out loud. Especially at Nancy's comment about "all I have to do".

    He then went on to ask if dinner was ready. (It wasn't.)

  12. I hope to follow along with you all. Book is due here on Tuesday-ish according to Amazon. I'm not a real talkative person but I do listen well so I hope you don't mind me tagging along.

  13. Dot--everyone's welcome! I'm glad you're here.

  14. Y'all. I am in. I was not going to let myself get drawn further into the internet as I'm weaning myself. But this is way too much fun.

    Lori, I have brothers named Terry and Gary. If I was a boy I was going to be Perry. No lie. If we were boys you could have come to our house to play.

  15. Yippee!! Amy's here. :) Nice to see you! (I'm sitting here whispering "Terry, Gary, Amy" trying to figure out if they rhyme. Do they? Do I need a Texan accent to make Amy rhyme?)

  16. Lynn, my parents had a deal that if I was a girl my mom would name me and if a boy my dad would. Everyone was sweating it and was very relieved I was a girl.

    So, no, they don't rhyme! LOL!

  17. I really shouldn't say anything about the naming of children as I named both my girls from the same root name. Never occurred to Bob and I until my brother pointed it out.

    OK - I think we pretty much have gotten this book club blog off subject. That was easy!

  18. Steph--please don't hurt yourself! You have children to care for!

    Hope the van started. ;)

  19. Lynn,

    Our first fight can be over....

    Lucy and Ethel fight over who gets to be Lucy.

  20. Do we need a first fight?!?!

    I think we're interchangeable. :)

    You know, I can never remember who's Thelma and who's Louise anyway!

  21. Me neither...
    just didn't know how to sign my name.

    Lucy and Ethel

  22. Hi Ladies! Sorry to break up the Lucy and Ethel comments, but I got and stayed up way to late last night reading the book! I love it! I'm at the part where the kids wore a path going to and from each house...don't want to spoil anything for those, like me, who didn't read it! I was way overdue for a good read!

  23. I think the multiple personality works, Donna. All the more fun for your money (-:

    The nerve of husbands enjoying our blogs and then wanting dinner, too.