Wednesday, January 14, 2009

And so it begins...

Welcome to the Hannah Coulter Book Club for Copy Cats!

On January 9th, in the comment section of a world famous blog, no more than a gazillion of some of the smartest women I know in cyberspace listed Hannah Coulter as the BEST book they read in 2008.

I started to wonder if they had secretly met and discussed the book without inviting me.

I asked but no one answered the question.

And then Donna suggested we start our own Hannah Coulter Book Club for Copy Cats. I say "we" because I fully expect her to be here everyday helping me because I know nothing about having a blog and she's a professional.

And, I'm lazy.

And, I have food to cook, kids to teach and sidewalks to shovel.

Enough about me.

Let's read the first few chapters, shall we? And then we'll discuss.

Wait! I just thought of a question for the comments!

Is this your first Wendell Berry book?

I've read some of his essays but I can't remember the title of the collection. This will be my first WB novel. I need a good novel. I've been disappointed three times in a row.

And it's winter, after all. Have you noticed? Let's hope Hannah Coulter begins with some hot, humid, flip-flop weather, shall we? I wonder if she wears flip-flops...

:) Lynn


  1. Hi Lynn!
    What a great start! Perfect question.

    I have never read of anything by Wendell Berry.

    I do not thing there will be flip-flops...
    perhaps trickles of sweat and a slip or two....

    I do so hope it is summer in the land of Hannah Coulter.

  2. Uh oh.

    Trickles of sweat and a slip or two?

    Is it THAT kind of book?

  3. No....he he....
    I was thinking cotton, modest, farm woman type slip.

    Get your pretty head out of the gutter :o)

  4. Having just read Outlander I was worried.

  5. Great idea, Lynn and Donna. As one who listed Hannah Coulter as the best read of 2008, I'm thrilled to see your book club. I borrowed the book from our library so I'll have to see if I can get it again and read along to follow the discussion. It was such a good read because I keep thinking about it (six months later!)

    It wasn't my first Wendell Berry book. I read all his fiction books last summer and Hannah was last. Her character is introduced in one of the other books (A Place on Earth, I believe). One of the great things about Berry's fiction is he constantly brings back characters from his fictional community and interweaves them and their stories.

    Enjoy the book ladies and I will enjoy the discussion as you read it!

  6. Oh, Sandy! I'm so glad you'll be stopping by and contributing to the conversations! And I'm encouraged to hear you're still thinking about this book. That's a good sign. A very good sign.

  7. Lynn in WI - the Pad Thai-Lynn?

    Hey You?

    the one with only sons? and this book is about a mother letting go of daugheters?

    Actually I have never read a Wendell Berry novel, and if I can jump in at this late date, I'd like to....

    I did read one Berry essay on healthcare and wasnt thrilled.

    So, let me see if I can check this one out of the library and I'll be back (think Ah-nald S)

  8. Hi Dana! Yes. It's me. Pad-Thai Lynn.

    The one with sons who is apparently starting a book blog about a book she knows nothing about! Thanks for the hint. I had no clue.

    Please join us! We need as many smart people as possible!

  9. I have never read wendell berry, but am excited to, based on these wise women's susggestions. may I play?
    although you must know that I love outlander.

  10. Hi krg! I'm glad you're here! Of course you can can even bring up Outlander. I won't mind. ;)

    Oh, this is going to fun!

  11. thanks! I look forward to it. I pick up my book tomorrow.

  12. This is my first Wendell Berry book and I am enjoying his style of writing so far :-)

    What fun this book club will be!

    Tammy ~@~

  13. Lynn. Writing a blog. My life is complete. =)

    I'm going to get the book today and give it a try. It will be my first WB book. I'm a late bloomer.

    I'm reading The Secret Life of Bees right now and enjoying it.


  14. Lynn,
    I sit back in awe. Starting a blog with everything else you have going on.
    I haven't even joined a book club ever before, even tho I wanted to.
    I always put that on the "Things to do After Homeschooling" list.
    I'm looking forward to this!

    I read Hannah Coulter last summer. Di Wheeler recommended it on her blog. I'll try to remember as we go along...

  15. Janet,
    I like The Secret Life of Bees. Emma didn't.
    I think the unusual spirituality bothered her.

    I am so glad you are going to join us!

    Late bloomers are very welcome here.

    Lynn thought of a hilarious subtitle for the blog...

    Lucy and Ethyl read a book.

    Isn't that a riot.

    I think it is t-shirt worthy.

  16. I must be slower than most. I had a very hard time using this site and getting my comments posted. :(
    Now, it says my name is yosemite. I can't change it where it says "comment as" It's me-Nancy-Lynn! Nancy in Madison.
    I wrote the post above.

  17. Tammy of the North--I had no idea you were reading this book! Glad you're here and I'm encouraged that you're enjoying the book.

    Janet--you're a master ("mistress" sounded wrong) at hyperbole. I'm thrilled that you're joining us!!

  18. Hi Nancy! Sorry about the name thingy. I recognized you! Apparently you're not slower than most given that you've already read the book. Please join in and I'll look into the comment thing.

    Did you have to make a Google identity or something?

    Lucy and Ethyl read a book and attempt to blog about it...

  19. OK.

    I just switched the comment thingy to "anyone". Hopefully that will make it easier.

  20. I ordered the book from Amazon today and will get it on Monday. Yea! I'm in for your book club.

  21. Yes, Lynn, I had to make a Google account. Thanks for trying to make it easier.~Nancy

  22. Hi Junebug! Welcome!

    Nancy--looks like it worked.

    Now, if someone could come by and help me figure out that stats counter thingy, I'd be most grateful.

  23. I'm going to be here! Hannah Coulter was the first Wendell Berry book I read and I liked it a lot - and I was not expecting to.

    However, I am a woman of very little brain, and doubt I can remember anything pithy or witty or memorable to contribute, so I'll probably just watch and cheer all of the rest of you.

  24. I ordered it up from the library. I still am in shock over this new Lucy and Ethyl adventure. Me thinks it's cabin fever!

    I don't even have a clue what this book is about but I'm in!

  25. Laura, the lurker from Alabama.... get thee the book from the library and re-read. We need your comments, pithy, witty, or not.

    Janet, I liked The Secret Life of Bees, but did not care for The Mermaid Chair.

    I'm headed over to Carol's to tell her...

  26. Oh, I liked Secret Life of Bees and Mermaid Chair. Buying the book this weekend so I can play too.

  27. When I read how many people liked the book over at Donna's, I requested it at the library. My hubby picked it up when I was sick and couldn't read, so I've only recently started it in-between trying to get caught up around the house...IOW, I haven't read a lot yet :::sigh:::

    Interesting comment, Donna, about Emma and The Secret Life of Bees. You have a discerning daughter....

    Tammy ~@~

  28. My sister is here.

    I am happy. :)

  29. I have never read this author before, but I am excited about finding this book after hearing so many good things about it from Donna's girls.

    I'll either be going to the library this week to find it or I might just give in and buy it! Until then, I'll just read along with what gets said on your blog.

    Fun idea Lynn!

  30. Late to the party, but I'll be here.